Importance of Artificial Insemination

Galo Gigante Farm has the largest structure of Brazil for organic breeding of birds of this breed, without artificial hormones or manipulations. For six years in the market, the company always invested in structure growth, modern equipment, training of professionals, and, mainly, in the birds well-being. In order to improve even more the quality of animals, in 2015 they started a process of artificial insemination, which allows the selection of most preferred characteristics by the market. A valued Índio Gigante rooster has ball comb, ox wattle (characterized by being a single wattle), substantial carcass, low tail and size above the average, over 1.20m. With the insemination, it is possible to cross males between 1.15m and 1.20m and females between 0.95m and 1.05m to get better results. The best representatives of the breed stay in individual boxes, the paddocks are divided for the reproducers and the Farm also has a laboratory dedicated to andrologic evaluation.


Among other advantages are: elimination of preferred mating; dissemination of the genetics of reproducers with higher zootechnical value; increase of the productive capacity of facilities; higher quantity of matrices inseminated by rooster; less reproducers, with a consequent decrease of expenses; and standardization of breeding stock.